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Waste Management Compliance for Special Events

  1. Please provide the address. If this is located at a business, like an event center, please provide the business name. 

  2. Waste Management
  3. How are you disposing of waste generated at your event?*

    Please be aware, that events are required to provide three-container collection (garbage, organics, and recycling) for waste produced at the event. 

  4. What waste will your event generate?

    If your event will not be producing or will be producing less than a specified quantify of garbage, organics, or recycling, you may be eligible for a waiver. 

  5. Food Recovery
  6. Anticipated Number of Daily Attendees*
  7. Does your event provide food?*
  8. If there is excess food from your event, what do you plan to do with it?

    Excess food is still safe for human consumption according to applicable laws. Edible food generated by commercial entities or from events cannot be disposed of. 

  9. If you have a current contract for food donations, please email it to and reference your event name. 

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