Cameras to Deter Illegal Dumping

Cameras for Illegal dumping - PictureDates

Project Start Date

January 2020

Anticipated End Date



Various locations Citywide


Solid Waste Fund (enforcement fines)

Strategic Commitment

Providing a Vibrant Infrastructure & Sustainable Environment

Project Summary

The City of Modesto Public Works Solid Waste Division partners with Modesto Police Department to install cameras in the areas of Modesto that have a high frequency of dumping, with the goal of 5 operating cameras at the end of 2022 and adding cameras each following year.

Project Description

Currently, Solid Waste receives roughly 450 illegal dumping reports per month but without witnesses or identifying information, most of the time the responsible party cannot be found. Solid Waste has mapped and tracked illegal dumping and identified a list of “hot spots” or high dumping areas that people frequently leave piles of trash, furniture, or green waste 

Solid Waste partnered with the Modesto Police Department to install two cameras at hot spots on Bangs in 2019 and Whitmore in 2020. In 2021, a camera was installed on Vera Cruz; an additional camera is pending placement. Each year the goal is to continue to focus on high dumping areas by adding cameras and holding those responsible liable. Fines for illegal dumping are $1,000.