Water Meters

Water Meter Installation 15-Year Plan

Including Automated Meter Read System

General Information

Most of our city was built prior to 1992; the year mandatory installation of water meters on new construction began. As a result, most of the city’s residential water customers do not have water meters. In 2004 the city developed a 15-year plan to install water meters on all connections; the work began in 2006, and by the year 2020, more than 62,000 water meters will be in operation.

By metering water consumption and billing customers based on that consumption, we work together to conserve our most precious natural resource. In addition, your city services will be more cost effective and operate more efficiently with an automated water metering system in place.

Important Dates

July 2003:  City Council approved the installation of water meters and metered water billing for all single-family homes in the city’s outlying water systems, such as Grayson, Del Rio, Hickman and Waterford.

September 2004: State Assembly Bill 2572 became law, requiring the installation of water meters on all connections built before 1992, and mandating that all metered customers be billed based on the actual volume of water delivered. The State has given us until 2010 to start volume-based billing and until 2025 to be fully metered.

November, 2004: City Council approved an Ordinance amending the Municipal Code for new fixed and volume-based charges for water delivery.

December 2004: City Council directed the city’s Water Division to meter all connections in all city-owned systems. This is scheduled to be done over a 15-year period.

April 2006: City Council approved the purchase of an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system which will be retrofit to all existing meters and included in the installation of all new meters. AMR devices allow the meter reader to electronically gather data simply by driving past (usually within 300 feet of) the meters on his/her route. This allows for a much faster collection of meter data. The system also detects and immediately reports leaks, so our readings and billings will be more accurate and service repairs will be more efficient.

Volume Based Billing

Once your water meter is installed, the meter will measure how much water you use. The meter is read once a month, and a billing is produced based on the difference between the current month’s usage and the previous month’s usage. Using the rates that went into effect on July 1, 2008, you will be charged a fixed meter cost plus the cost of each 100 cubic feet, or portion thereof, consumed in each billing cycle. If you have any questions about your billing, please contact Customer Service at 209-577-5395.