Business License Applications and Agreements

Important Note

  1. Compliance with Senate Bill 205 does not affect all businesses, but all business are required to submit the Stormwater Discharge Compliance Form prior to renewing or applying for a Business License in the City of Modesto.

Applications and Agreements

Business License Online Application
Business License Application (Printable PDF)
Required for Home, Commercial and Outside businesses.
Home Business Agreement Online
Home Business Agreement (Printable PDF)
Required for a Home Business license. You must also submit your Business License Application.
Request for Circus Application FormRequired for Circus businesses.
Request for Carnival Application FormRequired for Carnival businesses.
Special Event and Itinerant Application (PDF)Required for Special Event and Itinerant (traveling) Vendors
Sidewalk Food Vendor Process and Application (PDF)Required for Sidewalk Food Vendors
Stormwater Discharge Compliance FormRequired for renewing or applying for a business license.

Tips for Submitting your Application and Agreement

  • Read your information thoroughly to make sure you are submitting a completed and correct application and agreement (if applicable).
  • Please be sure that the business start date and owner information are filled in.
  • Make sure the application and agreement (if applicable) are signed.
  • Mail completed application(s), agreement and payment to:  City of Modesto, PO Box 3442, Modesto, California, 95353.
  • Make checks payable to City of Modesto, for the appropriate Business License tax (fee).  We cannot process incomplete applications or applications returned with incorrect Business License tax (fee).
  • Online business license applications will receive an email for the balance due, along with instructions on how to pay online.