Parking Citation Processing


The activities performed by the Parking Citation Processing and Adjudication section of the Finance Department are to oversee the collection of fines from parking citations and also manage the administrative review process for contested parking citations. The Finance Department's Customer Service Division:
  • Processes notices for unpaid parking citations.
  • Provides citation information to the public.
  • Provides assistance to the public for contested parking citations.
  • Educates the public regarding the Adjudication Process.
  1. Pay a Parking Citation

    You can pay your parking citation online, in the office or by mail (On or after September 1, 2017, customers paying by debit or credit card in person or online will be charged a 2.4% service fee for transactions).

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  2. Dispute Your Parking Citation

    You may dispute your citation online, via fax, mail or in person.

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  3. Parking Citation Legal Process

    If you would like to dispute your parking citation please do not pay the citation or you will lose your option to request an Informal Review of the citation.

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  4. Refund Policy

    This is the City of Modesto's Parking Citation refund policy.

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