Commercial Recycling and Organics Recycling Waiver

All businesses and commercial properties, including multi-family properties, are required by California State law SB1383 to separate organic material (food waste, green waste, paper products) from garbage and to separate recycling (metal, glass, plastic) from garbage under AB 341. This compliance form must be filled out and approved to receive a waiver or an alternative service verification.

Approved waivers or alternative service verifications will be reviewed every five years and includes an on-site inspection and may be revoked at any time. If you are unclear how to fill out any portion of this form, please contact Solid Waste Management to request help before submitting the form.

Commercial Business & Multi-Family Solid Waste Services Compliance Form


  1. 1. Jurisdiction Location and Commercial Type
  2. 2. Waiver Request
  3. 3. Alternative Service Verification
  4. 4. Site Information
  5. 5. Current Services & Certification
  • Jurisdiction Location and Commercial Type

    1. Verify Jurisdiction Location*

      This form is for businesses and multi-family properties located in the City of Modesto only. Even if your postal address says Modesto, you may not be located within the city limits. Forms submitted to the wrong jurisdiction will be void and no waiver granted.

    2. Multi-Family or Business*

      Select the type of commercial property this form is being submitted for.

    3. Are you requesting a waiver or an alternative service verification?*