Tree Removal Project

Tree Removal Project

Grover Landscape Service has been awarded the tree removal contract of approximately 957 trees within the City of Modesto residential neighborhoods.  Below you will find a map and all of the information about the planned removals of trees in your neighborhood.  If you have questions about this project call Grover Landscape Service at 209-545-4401.

Reasons for Planned Tree Removal Explained

Problem TypeMeaning
DeadThe tree is dead.
Root ConflictsRoot system not able to be maintained. Root maintenance will not alleviate symptoms or damage.
Dead / DyingTree is dying but is not all the way dead yet.
AnchorageRoot system has been compromised and cannot anchor the tree sufficiently.
CavitiesThere are cavities in the tree. 
StormTree has sustained storm damage.
SplitThe tree is split or structurally compromised
Undesirable species Undesirable species, not a good choice for a street tree.  

Project Phases

Grover will be removing 608 trees in various areas around the city by December 31, 2021 in five phases of approximately 120 trees per phase. 

Each of the five phases will run for approximately 30 business days. Phase one is scheduled to start on August 9, 2021 and phase two will begin upon completion of phase one. This process will continue until each of the five phases have been completed.  

Tree Information

Interactive Map

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