Urban Water Management Plan

The Urban Water Management plan is updated every 5 years.  We are currently in the process of updating our plan.  This page currently houses the current adopted version and the updated draft of the new plan.  

2020 Draft Urban Water Management Plan Documents

2015 Current Adopted Urban Water Management Plan Documents

Joint Urban Water Management Plan 2020 Update

The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires water suppliers in California, providing water for municipal purposes either directly or indirectly to more than 3,000 customers or supplying more than 3,000 acre-feet (ac-ft) of water annually, to prepare and adopt an Urban Water Management Plan every five years which defines their current and future water use, sources of supply and its reliability, and existing conservation measures.

In recognition of the state requirements, the City of Modesto (City) and the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) have prepared this joint Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) for 2020. The purpose of the joint plan is to provide a planning tool for both agencies in developing, managing and delivering municipal water supplies to the joint water service area.