Building Permits

Building permits are important in protecting your safety and the safety of those around you. The City of Modesto requires permits so that it can ensure that construction is being done properly and in accordance with all life safety requirements and building codes.

Building Plans

For most projects, you will need to submit building plans. The requirements for submitting building plans varies by what type of project you are working on.

The following links contain specific requirements when submitting building plans:

Submit your Plans Online

Use our eTRAKiT Online Permits Portal to submit your building plans with your online permit application. 

Submit your plans in person

Building Safety
1010 Tenth Street, 3rd Floor
Modesto, CA 95354

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Paying Your Fees

Once your plans are approved, you will need to pay for any plan review costs, building permits or other fees that may apply to your project. Please visit our Fees page to review the fees required for your permit.

If you have questions regarding this process, please call 209-577-5232.

Permit Issuance

When your plans are approved and at the time you pay your fees, the Building Safety Division will issue the required permits for your project.

Schedule Inspections

Before covering up or building over any permitted work, request an inspection through our eTRAKiT Online Permits Portal. Inspections are required to ensure that all work was completed correctly, based on building and safety codes currently in effect.

Visit the Building Inspection page to get more information about scheduling an inspection.

Permit Completion

After your final inspection, your project will be considered complete.


  1. The City implemented a 2.4% Service Fee for all credit card payments effective September 1, 2017.  Persons paying in person or online will be charged this fee for most payments collected.

    You will not be charged this fee when paying for a utility service with the City of Modesto.