Outside Business

Outside Business License/Fees

Find fees for an Outside Business. Note: Please read all information below before filling out the
Outside Business License Application (PDF).

An Outside business is a business that is physically located outside the City limits of Modesto and the service performed by the business is inside the City limits.

The business license fees are based on the annual gross receipts of the business in Modesto city limits.
  • If gross receipts are more than $2,000 per year, the fee is based on the month the business begins in Modesto city limits.

Outside Business License Fees

Start Month Fee + Deposit + AB1379 Total Due
July $75.00 + $100.00 + $4.00 $179.00
August $68.75 + $100.00 + $4.00 $172.75
September $62.50 + $100.00 + $4.00 $166.50
October $56.25 + $100.00 + $4.00 $160.25
November $50.00 + $100.00 + $4.00 $154.00
December $43.75 + $100.00 + $4.00 $147.75
January $37.50 + $100.00 + $4.00 $141.50
February $31.25 + $100.00 + $4.00 $135.25
March $25.00 + $100.00 + $4.00 $129.00
April $18.75 + $100.00 + $4.00 $122.75
May $12.50 + $100.00 + $4.00 $116.50
June $6.25 + $100.00 + $4.00 $110.25

  • If gross receipts are less than $2000 per year, the fee is $20.00 per calendar year.
  • Please note, if you choose a minimum license and go over $2000 in gross receipts, you will receive an invoice for the Mill tax, DID tax (if applicable), deposit and the difference in the license fees.

License Expiration Date

The business license year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. Business licenses expire June 30th. The renewal fee is billed on the Declaration of Gross Receipts form for period ending June 30th (see schedule) and due by July 31st, unless otherwise noted.

Mill & DID Taxes

In addition to the business license fee, you will receive quarterly Declaration of Gross Receipts forms as follows:

Period Ending Time Period Due Date
September 30th July, August, September October 31st
December 31st October, November, December January 31st
March 31st January, February, March April 30th
June 30th April, May, June July 31st

Mill tax rate for Outside-based businesses grossing over $2,000 per year is 2 mil (.002).

Sample Calculation

$5,000 gross receipts * .002 (mil tax rate) = $10.00 due

Late Penalties

A 5% penalty per month (up to a maximum of 25%) will be levied on the Mill tax, DID tax and license fee if the payment is paid in our office or postmarked by the post office after the Last Day to Pay.

Deposit Refunds

  • If gross receipts are filed quarterly, a refund may be requested after 2 consecutive full fiscal quarters of operation are paid by due date, or
  • If gross receipts are filed annually, a refund may be requested after a full calendar year of operation.
If you cancel your license, the deposit will automatically be refunded after a final Declaration of Gross Receipts form is filed and all outstanding taxes and license fees paid.

Closing Your Business

To cancel your license, a final Declaration of Gross Receipts form needs to be filed, reporting your final date of business, and all taxes and license fees paid.

License Changes

View our License Changes page to learn about how to move forward with various business license changes.