Haulers & Pickup Schedules

Our Haulers

The City of Modesto contracts with Gilton Solid Waste Management and Bertolotti Disposal Service for all solid waste and recycling collection services. 

  1. Pickup Schedule
  2. Holidays Observed

Pickup Schedule

Solid waste collection hours from 6:00 AM through 4:00 PM in residential areas. Your hauler is determined by which street you live on.

  • Organics and Garbage are picked up on a weekly basis.  
  • Recycling containers now alternate weeks depending on if your address is ending in an odd or even number.

Use the search tool to determine the schedule for your address. View the calendars below to view the new Recycling collection schedules.

  1. Service Areas
  2. Recycling Collection Calendar - Odd Numbered Address
  3. Recycling Collection Calendar - Even Numbered Address

Collection Service Search Tool

Each hauler has an exclusive service area as deemed by the Modesto City Council. Review the Service Area Map below to locate your hauler, find out when your garbage, recycling and organics items are picked up.