Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit believes in more than just sturdy locks, good lighting, and personal awareness. We believe in working together with the community to make Modesto a safe and pleasant place to live. The Crime Prevention Unit works closely with schools, civic groups, businesses and other City Departments.

Neighborhood Watch is an extremely successful crime-prevention program and just one of the many services our Crime Prevention Unit offers. We will help you organize your first neighborhood watch meeting, gladly provide you with useful information pertaining to your neighborhood, and be your liaison with the police department.  


The Crime Prevention Unit also offer several other programs:

  • Business Watch: This program is designed to educate businesses on how to detect and deter business crime. Businesses learn how to protect their employees against violent crimes, how to detect shoplifters and incidents of fraud, receive security tips, and are encouraged to report suspicious incidents or persons to the police.
  • Personal Safety: Information is given on how to be safer in public, in the office, in a parking lot or elevator, and in your vehicle. Videos and pamphlets are available. This program offers the opportunity to become actively involved in your own protection.
  • Home Security Inspections: Does your landscaping offer burglars a place to hide? Can your porch be seen from the street? Are your windows and doors locked securely? A Crime Prevention Officer will inspect your home and offer suggestions to improve your home security. Take an extra step to ensure your property can be returned if you become a victim. Download a property sheet (PDF) to inventory your home.
  • National Night Out: Each year, neighborhoods across Modesto participate in this event to keep the streets safe and get to know your neighbors.

If you want to make a difference in your neighborhood, call the Crime Prevention Unit to hear more about the programs available.