Leaf Collection


Incorrect Leaf Placement at curb

Correct curb leaf placement

Correct Leaf Placement at curb

During the month of December, crews pick up only leaves and do not pick up any green waste (prunings, trimmings, sticks, branches, etc.). Leaf collection crews work 7 days a week, moving as quickly as possible so they can service more neighborhoods throughout the City. Please adhere to the following restrictions during December:

• Utilize your organic (green) can as much as possible: your organic can holds 96 gallons, is emptied once a week, and prevents leaves from washing into storm drains. Fill your can first before placing leaves in the street.

• Leaves will be collected from the street only- there are no alley pickups in December.

• Leaves must be piled 18 inches away from the curb to allow rain to pass through to the storm drains.

• Do not place leaves on or near the storm drain.

• The street sweeper cannot pickup piles of leaves. Once the crew has come down your street to collect leaves, do not rake or sweep leaves and remaining debris into a pile until after the street sweeper has passed by on your street. If you sweep up small debris left after street collection, put it into your organic can.

• There is no set schedule or appointments for leaf pick up.

• No green waste will be collected in December. Collection runs from January to November. Check the green waste collection schedule if you do not know when crews will be in your area. 

For more information on the leaf collection program, contact the Green Waste Division at 209-577-5463.