Watering Schedule

Effective November 1st to March 31st

AddressApproved Watering Days
Odd NumbersWednesday and Sunday
Even NumbersTuesday and Saturday

Outdoor water use is prohibited daily from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM. No outdoor water use on Monday.

Watering Schedule (Printable PDF)

Why the Watering Schedule is Important

Outdoor watering accounts for about a third of the average family's water use. With calls for cities to reduce water consumption by 25% after California's historic drought, cities came up with new ways to encourage efficient water use.

By creating a watering schedule, the City of Modesto has effectively reduced water consumption and maintained sustainable practices. Outdoor watering days are staggered to cut down on daily outdoor water use. This has lessened the daily demand on the high-priority Modesto Subbasin.

Following the watering schedule can also keep your outdoor plants healthy. Watering your lawn and other plants deeply instead of frequently will establish deeper, stronger roots that are more able to withstand drought and result in an overall healthier plant.


  • Use of drip irrigation and hand watering of trees, shrubs, and car washing with use of a positive shutoff nozzle is permitted at any time.
  • Hosing concrete areas, building exteriors, etc. is prohibited except for health/safety concerns or for maintenance/construction purposes, with use of a positive shutoff nozzle. Avoid excess runoff.
  • If establishing new plants, residents can request a 90-day exemption from watering restrictions, though must still prevent wasting water. The request will not be considered if the City is under emergency drought conditions.

Outlying Water Systems

Outlying water systems owned by the City of Modesto will remain on a two-day watering schedule because they are supplied solely by groundwater wells. This includes the water systems in Turlock, Grayson, Ceres Walnut Manor, and Del Rio.

The schedule follows the two-day watering schedule: Odd addresses can water on Wednesday and Sunday; even addresses can water on Tuesday and Saturday.