Code Enforcement - Neighborhood Preservation Unit 

The Modesto City Council has adopted City Codes and Ordinances specifically designed to provide all citizens access to great safe neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU) is responsible for ensuring compliance with these codes and ordinances. Our team consists of highly motivated and experienced code enforcement officers who understand neighborhood dynamics and are passionate about solving problems. 

The Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU) team cannot solve every problem within a neighborhood, but we partner with other City departments to find the root of the problem and initiate positive change.


Ensure compliance with adopted property and land use codes and ordinances by:
  • Balancing compassion and strict interpretation of the municipal codes
  • Partnering with neighborhood associations, citizens, community groups, and other City departments and agencies.
  • Working as a catalyst for positive change in troubled and "at risk" neighborhoods.
  • Finding creative solutions to complex neighborhood issues.
Kids in neighborhood