Support Division

The Support Division consists of various units that support the daily operations of the Department, as well as the recruitment and hiring of all Police Department employees.

A Police Civilian Manager manages the:
  • Animal Control Unit
  • Juvenile Programs
  • Records Unit
  • Training Unit
A Police Lieutenant manages:
  • Administrative Services:
    • Building Services
    • Franchise Tow Services
    • Parking Enforcement
    • Telephone Report Unit
  • Background Unit
  • Information Technology
  • Police Tactical Training Center
  • Property and Evidence
  • Special Projects


Our Records Unit is responsible for processing tens of thousands of police reports, phone calls, and walk-in traffic at the Department. They work with our Telephone Report Unit who handles phone reports, online reports and reports made at the Department.


The Training Unit ensures we adhere to all state and federal training mandates for over 300 employees by coordinating in house and outside training sessions, classes, schools, seminars and conferences for the entire Department.

Tactical Training Center

Our Tactical Training Center continues to expand. The center provides a gun range for our Department and law enforcement agencies throughout the Stanislaus County area. Many upgrades to the facility have been made over the years. Future expansion will include a shoot house, refurbished classrooms and offices, as well as upgrades to the infrastructure, roadways, equestrian and K9 training areas at the facility.

Information Technology

The Information Technology unit consists of highly skilled hardware and software experts. As we expand our use of technology in fighting crime and operating the Department, the demand on this unit grows daily. The unit is tasked with maintaining hundreds of desktop and mobile computers, phones, tablets, and software applications while always protecting the systems from outside attacks and meeting state and federal security standards.


The Division works diligently on recruiting and retaining the most qualified applicants for all Department employees. Part time employees and volunteers often staff programs, such as the Wake Up Program for teens or the Juvenile Diversion program, that might otherwise go by the wayside due to lack of staffing.

Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit consists of 2 Animal Control Officers and one Animal Control Supervisor. The unit handles all animal issues while the officers are working, and follows up on issues that occur after hours. The unit is also responsible for educating the public on the importance of licensing and vaccinations for their pets.

The dedicated employees of the Support Division work hard each and every day to provide critical behind the scenes support that allows our officers and detectives to have the best training and equipment available to fight crime and improve the quality of life in Modesto.