Stump Removal Project

Stump Removal Project

The City of Modesto, Forestry Division, will be removing approximately 676 stumps within the City of Modesto residential neighborhoods.  Below you will find a map and more information about the planned removals of stumps in your neighborhood.  

Property Owner Disclaimer

While the City of Modesto will be removing stumps, it is the Homeowner's responsibility to make sure that there are not any barriers that would prevent the successful stump removal from occurring.  Following stump removal and back filling of hole, public and private utility line repairs and all landscape improvements (examples below) within the public right-of-way, is the responsibility of the property owner.  A  Tree replanting form needs to be completed and returned for tree re-planting.

Landscape Improvement Examples  

  • Fence needing to be removed or relocated
  • Rocks needing to be removed or relocated
  • Mailbox needing to be removed or relocated
  • Mow strip and / or concrete removal

Note: The stump removal site is backfilled with material from stump removal. Upon completion of the Stump removal, the resident will be responsible to maintain level of site. 

Repairs Not Covered by the City of Modesto

It is the property owner's responsibility to perform necessary repairs to the property following the removal of a stump.  

Examples of Repairs

  • Sprinkler lines will not be repaired
  • Lawn area is not replaced or re-seeded

Project Phases

Interactive Map

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