Emergency Contact List

Emergency NumbersPhone Number
Emergency - Fire/Police/Medical9-1-1
Graffiti Vandalism (in progress)9-1-1
Street Flooding (24 hours)209-577-6200
Sewer Emergencies209-577-6200
Traffic Signals and Street Light Outages209-342-4561
Tree Emergencies209-342-2249
Water Emergencies209-342-2246

Department Contacts

DepartmentPhone Number
Alley and Pothole Repair209-342-2244
Animal Services209-558-7387
Bicycle Licensing209-572-9580
Building Inspections209-577-5243
Business License and Tax209-577-5389
Capital Projects209-577-5215
Census/Population Information209-577-5465
City Projects in Progress Construction Administration209-577-5452
Claims Against City209-577-5411
Crime Prevention209-572-9636
Curb and Gutter Repair209-342-2244
Dumping Street/Alleys209-577-5493
Encroachment Permits209-571-5569
Equal Opportunity / Disability Commission209-577-5400
Fire Prevention209-571-5553
Fleet Services209-342-2220
Garbage / Recycling Information209-577-5494
Golf Reservations and Information209-491-4653
Housing and Neighborhoods209-577-5344
Job Hotline - 24 Hour209-577-5498
Junk/Garbage in Public View209-577-5277
King-Kennedy Center209-341-2980
Maddux Youth Center209-341-2950
McHenry Mansion209-577-5344
McHenry Museum209-577-5344
Modesto Centre Plaza209-577-6444
Neighborhood Preservation Unit209-577-5250
Parking Citations209-571-5140
Police Permits209-572-9679
Recreation Programs / Park Reservations209-577-5344
Senior Citizens Center209-491-5944
Sewer / Storm Drain (Illegal Dumping)209-577-6200
Sidewalk and Curb Permits209-571-5569
Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repair209-342-2244
Street and Pothole Repair209-342-2244
Street Lights209-342-2297
Street Sweeping209-342-2244
Tire Pick-Up209-342-2244
Traffic Engineering and Operations209-577-5468
Traffic Signal Problems209-342-2297
Traffic Signs209-577-5468
Transit - MAX209-521-1274
Transit Services Administration209-577-5295
Transportation Permits209-342-4712
Used Oil Recycling209-577-5493
Vacant/Unsecured Buildings209-577-5277
Water - New Connects / Disconnects / Start-Stop Service209-577-5395
Water Conservation Program209-342-2246
Water Meter Program209-342-2246
Water Quality And Pressure Problems209-342-2246
Water Requests / Temporary On-Offs, Report Leaks209-342-2246
Water-Sewer-Garbage Billing209-577-5395
Weed Complaints - Vacant Lots209-577-5277
Yard Trimmings Collection209-342-2249
Zoning Information209-577-5267
Zoning Violations209-577-5277
Department Phone Number
Airport 209-577-5318
Alley and Pothole Repair 209-342-2244
Animal Services 209-558-7387
Bicycle Licensing 209-572-9580
Building Inspections 209-577-5243
Business License and Tax 209-577-5389
Capital Projects 209-577-5215
Census/Population Information 209-577-5465
City Projects in Progress  Construction Administration 209-577-5452
Claims Against City 209-577-5411
Crime Prevention 209-572-9636
Curb and Gutter Repair 209-342-2244
Dumping Street/Alleys 209-577-5493
Elections 209-577-5396
Encroachment Permits 209-571-5569
Equal Opportunity / Disability Commission 209-577-5400
Fire Prevention 209-571-5553
Fleet Services 209-342-2220
Forestry 209-342-4566
Garbage / Recycling Information 209-577-5494
Golf Reservations and Information 209-491-4653
Housing and Neighborhoods 209-577-5344
Job Hotline - 24 Hour 209-577-5498
Junk/Garbage in Public View 209-577-5277
King-Kennedy Center 209-341-2980
Maddux Youth Center 209-341-2950
McHenry Mansion 209-577-5344
McHenry Museum 209-577-5344
Modesto Centre Plaza 209-577-6444
Neighborhood Preservation Unit 209-577-5250
Parking Citations 209-571-5140
Police Permits 209-572-9679
Recreation Programs / Park Reservations 209-577-5344
Senior Citizens Center 209-491-5944
Sewer / Storm Drain (Illegal Dumping) 209-577-6200
Sidewalk and Curb Permits 209-571-5569
Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repair 209-342-2244
Street and Pothole Repair 209-342-2244
Street Lights 209-342-2297
Street Sweeping 209-342-2244
Tire Pick-Up 209-342-2244
Traffic Engineering and Operations 209-577-5468
Traffic Signal Problems 209-342-2297
Traffic Signs 209-577-5468
Transit - MAX 209-521-1274
Transit Services Administration 209-577-5295
Transportation Permits 209-342-4712
Used Oil Recycling 209-577-5493
Vacant/Unsecured Buildings 209-577-5277
Water - New Connects / Disconnects / Start-Stop Service 209-577-5395
Water Conservation Program 209-342-2246
Water Meter Program 209-342-2246
Water Quality And Pressure Problems 209-342-2246
Water Requests / Temporary On-Offs, Report Leaks 209-342-2246
Water-Sewer-Garbage Billing 209-577-5395
Weed Complaints - Vacant Lots 209-577-5277
Yard Trimmings Collection 209-342-2249
Zoning Information 209-577-5267
Zoning Violations 209-577-5277