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Land Development Engineer Standard Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Applicant Information
  3. 3. Owner Information
  4. 4. Contractor/Designer Information
  5. 5. License / Insurance
  6. 6. Description of Work
  7. 7. Billing Information
  8. 8. Signature Page
  • Step One

    1. Title II Compliance

      In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) of 1990, the Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended), Government Code section 11135 and other applicable codes, the City of Modesto (“City”) will not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability in the City’s services, programs, or activities. For more information, please visit the City of Modesto website.

    2. Land Development Engineering Standard Application
      Please complete this application in its entirety in order to avoid delays in processing your permit.
    3. An "Application to Install / Abandon Water, Monitoring or Emergency Well(s), or Any Other Excavation(s) That May Intersect Groundwater Within the City of Modesto" must also be submitted.