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Stormwater Discharge Compliance Form

  1. Introduction

    In order to receive your business license, you must complete the form in compliance with Senate Bill 205.

  2. Submission of this form is required when applying for or with an annual renewal of a City of Modesto Business License*

  3. Are you applying for a new business license or renewing your annual license?*

  4. Your account number can be found on your Declaration of Gross Receipts form.

  5. Is your business located outside the City limits of Modesto?*

  6. For businesses located outside of the City limits of Modesto

  7. Look up your SIC Code(s) for the business type. To find your code(s) search by keyword(s). (For example: metal recycling) OR request the SIC code(s) from your insurance broker. Separate each SIC Code with a comma.

  8. Do any of the Primary SIC Codes from above match any of the regulated SIC codes listed on the Water Board website?*

    Look up the SIC Codes for your business.

  9. Has the business already obtained an Industrial National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit?*

    If you do not have a permit, you cannot continue with submitting this form. For more information contact the Local Regional Board (1-916-464-4764) or State Water Board (1-866-563-3107).

  10. Declaration*

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