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1. What is the Purpose of the Rental Housing Safety Program?
2. If the notice was received by an individual who does not own a rental property, what should the individual do?
3. What should rental property owners or property managers do first?
4. Is there a fee to register?
5. How is registration completed?
6. How is Self-Certification completed?
7. What is a local contact representative?
8. Besides registering, what should the property owner do to prepare for the safety inspection?
9. What is included in the health and safety inspection?
10. Does the property owner need to contact the City of Modesto to schedule the safety inspection?
11. Does the property owner need to be present for the inspections?
12. What is the fee for the safety inspection?
13. Who is responsible for the payment of inspection fees and penalties?
14. Will all units be inspected?
15. Can corrections be made during the inspection?
16. Can the owner provide photographic evidence or other proof that a violation has been corrected without incurring additional inspections and inspection fees?
17. What is the Self-Certification Program?
18. How can the public determine if a rental property has completed the registration process?