Why did the City Council place Measure H on the ballot?

The residents and the City Council of the City of Modesto desired to restore critical City services aimed at reducing crime, maintaining a safe and inviting community, and improving quality of life. The city has grown exponentially in the past 15 years and has started to exhibit growing problems such as homelessness, blight, and crime. The Great recession also significantly decimated and reduced staff, police officers, fire personnel and emergency medical response times have dropped to unacceptable levels far below industry levels. The funding shortages have impacted recreational services, city park conditions, and ability to provide city services. This one cent tax will proactively assist the city to improve services and quality of life for citizens of Modesto. The goal through this measure is to address homelessness; Providing quicker responses to 911 emergencies, including DUIs, gang, and drug-related crimes; Supporting neighborhood police patrols, crime prevention, traffic enforcement, fire protection, and paramedics; Fixing and maintaining roads and sidewalks; and Keeping parks, recreation facilities, and public areas safe and clear of trash and litter.

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1. Does the revenue generated by Measure H stay in Modesto?
2. How does Measure H affect my business or transactions in the City of Modesto?
3. How is Measure H tax paid?
4. Is there fiscal accountability in Measure H?
5. What is Measure H?
6. What items are taxed by Measure H?
7. What other public safety measures are included in Measure H?
8. When did Measure H go into effect?
9. Where does Modesto's sales tax go?
10. Who decides how the revenue from Measure H is allocated?
11. Why sales tax not a property or parcel tax?
12. Why did the City Council place Measure H on the ballot?
13. Will there be taxpayer oversight?