Why sales tax not a property or parcel tax?

The Council explored all types of revenue generating avenues. While a parcel tax was viewed as a stable mechanism, it was also viewed as regressive (meaning owners of smaller, or lower valued properties pay the same as owners of larger, higher value properties).  Property owners also contested that this left them to bear the burden for financing services/programs that provide benefits to the community at large. A sales tax means that both local and visiting consumers will pay a share.

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1. Does the revenue generated by Measure H stay in Modesto?
2. How does Measure H affect my business or transactions in the City of Modesto?
3. How is Measure H tax paid?
4. Is there fiscal accountability in Measure H?
5. What is Measure H?
6. What items are taxed by Measure H?
7. What other public safety measures are included in Measure H?
8. When did Measure H go into effect?
9. Where does Modesto's sales tax go?
10. Who decides how the revenue from Measure H is allocated?
11. Why sales tax not a property or parcel tax?
12. Why did the City Council place Measure H on the ballot?
13. Will there be taxpayer oversight?