What is Measure H?

Measure H is a one-cent sales tax to fund general city services passed by Modesto voters in November 2022. To fund general city services in the City of Modesto, such as police patrols, gang, drug, and crime prevention; fire protection, paramedic/911 emergency response; addressing homelessness; cleaning-up trash and illegal dumping; keeping streets, parks, sidewalks, landscapes, and infrastructure safe, clean, and well-maintained. This ordinance establishes a one-cent sales tax which shall provide $42,000,000  annually for general government use in Modesto until ended by voters, with citizen oversight and all money locally controlled.

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1. Does the revenue generated by Measure H stay in Modesto?
2. How does Measure H affect my business or transactions in the City of Modesto?
3. How is Measure H tax paid?
4. Is there fiscal accountability in Measure H?
5. What is Measure H?
6. What items are taxed by Measure H?
7. What other public safety measures are included in Measure H?
8. When did Measure H go into effect?
9. Where does Modesto's sales tax go?
10. Who decides how the revenue from Measure H is allocated?
11. Why sales tax not a property or parcel tax?
12. Why did the City Council place Measure H on the ballot?
13. Will there be taxpayer oversight?