What happens if we don’t raise the rates every year?
  • The proposed rate increases of 4.5% annually over the next 5 years is less than the projected inflationary increases of 5.0%. Delaying or deferring rate increases could result in larger rate increases in the future, in order to catch up with increasing inflation and cost of service.
  • City may not be able to meet its financial policies, including reductions in water fund reserves for emergencies, negatively impact both the City’s debt coverage ratio (need to maintain a 2.0 or greater) and the City’s bond credit rating (which will increase the cost of debt issuance)
  • The City would need to reprioritize maintenance and construction projects due to the reduction of funding. Some water system projects would be deferred.
  • Level of service and response times could also be decreased. Emergency and regulatory-required projects would be prioritized over minor repairs and proactive maintenance.
  • Deferring necessary regulatory and system required projects would cost the rate payers more in the future. This could include closing City water wells due to contamination, which would impact the City’s water system redundancy and reliability, especially in droughts.
  • Reduction in various water programs, including water conservation rebates and Water Wise consultations, which actually help ratepayer reduce water usage and save money on their water bill.

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1. What are the primary reasons we have to raise our rates every year?
2. Do we have to have a rate increase every year or can we stagger them more and have every other year?
3. What happens if we don’t raise the rates every year?
4. Where do we get our water from?
5. Do we buy or sell our water? If so, from/to whom?
6. Do we have water quality issues and if so, what are they, how serious, how do they get addressed?
7. Is our drinking water safe and reliable? How does the City verify that?
8. What happens to our water and our rates in the event of another drought?
9. Why do some surrounding cities have lower rates?
10. Is there assistance to help with this increase?
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