How to I prevent issues from odor and pests?

There are several ways to store your food waste until your pick-up day.  Explore some of those options below:

Use a kitchen compost bucket

A small air-tight bin can store food scraps in your kitchen between trips to the large green bin. Line the bin with newspaper that can also go in the can, or with plastic, then place that plastic liner in your black can. The City has free kitchen buckets for residential customers; contact 209-577-5494 to request one.

Freeze your food scraps

You can store food scraps in your freezer, then add them to your green can on the day of or the day before your waste service.

Store in paper

Paper products are compostable and can absorb liquids and smells from organic material. You can put food waste into a paper bag or cardboard box to minimize odor and insects.

Keep green cans in the shade

Limit direct sun exposure as heat can increase odors.

Keep green cans in good shape

Keeping the lid of your organic container closed can prevent odor and insects. Contact your solid waste hauling company to request the repair or replacement of damaged cans.

Add other materials

Did you know that other organic materials can absorb liquids and limit smells? 

Examples of materials that can be layered with food waste in your green can: 

  • Shredded paper
  • Grass clippings
  • Cardboard
  • Branches and leaves

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