What contributes to Modesto’s quality of life?

The City of Modesto has a special history and a bright future, with a treasured small-town feel. Our amazing community has something to offer everyone, including unique neighborhoods and several family-friendly parks. We are also a City of great neighbors who care about the safety of each other and maintaining the City’s quality of life.

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1. What contributes to Modesto’s quality of life?
2. What is the current state of Modesto’s budget?
3. How have City services been impacted due to lack of funding?
4. How is the City developing a long-term solution to its funding needs?
5. How would a local funding measure help preserve City services
6. How much revenue could this potential measure generate to protect City services?
7. Are there any exemptions to the sales tax?
8. Are there any fiscal safeguards to ensure funds are spent correctly?
9. Could the State cut or take this local funding?
10. Does a sales tax measure ensure that Modesto’s visitors pay their fair share?