Why does it take so long to fix High Voltage street lights?

Because the units are so old, they may fail immediately after being fixed, requiring additional repairs. Vandalism and anti-theft measures installed on city streetlights has also increase the repair time. A total of 7 electricians are responsible for troubleshooting, and repairing 11,035 streetlights in Modesto, as well as maintain:

  • Modesto traffic signals
  • School beacons
  • Crosswalk beacons and lighted crosswalks
  • Intersection beacons
  • ATMS – fiber, twisted pair
  • Airport lighting
  • Parking Lot/Garage lighting
  • City, Police, Fire, and Park facilities electrical systems
  • Traffic signals operated by Riverbank, and Stanislaus County

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6. Why does it take so long to fix High Voltage street lights?
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