What are the Fire Prevention Site Plan Review Guidelines?

Site Plan Review Guidelines

Listed below are the basic information requirements to complete a plan review.

  1. Submit completed fire permit application by email to Fire Prevention.
  2. Provide contractor's name, address, phone number, type of license, license number, and date of expiration. All plans must be "wet" signed.
  3. Note year of California Building Code, California Fire Code, and NFPA references.
  4. Explain the basic use(s) of the building/area. Include the CBC occupancy classification.
  5. Show property lines, nearby buildings, driveways, and adjoining streets. Show all fire water lines, risers, FDC's, water shut off valves, fire hydrants, and fire pumps. Show pipe sizes. Show scale used.
  6. Identify the surrounding properties and describe their uses on the plans. Is the property adjacent to an undeveloped, wildland, or special fire protection area?
  7. Describe the scope of work. Cloud or isolate project areas.
  8. Provide engineer certification wet-stamp (with signature) on plans indicating that allweather emergency access roadways can support 60,000 pounds imposed weight.
  9. Show fire emergency access road turnarounds and turning radius (i.e., cul-de-sac, hammerhead, parking lot) for dead ends greater than 150-feet.
  10. Demonstrate compliance with 45-foot outside turning radius and 25-foot inside turning radius for all turns along the emergency access road and for turnarounds.
  11. Demonstrate fire department access to all structures per 2019 California Fire Code Section 503.1.1. All points of the 1st floor must be within 150-feet (walking distance) from where a fire engine can park.
  12. Show all fire lanes. (See 2014 Modesto Standards, Appendix B-2, 1.07 for signage.)
  13. Show the location of vehicle and pedestrian gates that cross fire access routes.

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1. What are the Fire Prevention Site Plan Review Guidelines?