What oversight will be put in place?
Measure L stipulates public accountability through:

• Annual Independent Audits and Compliance Reports
• Measure L Oversight Committee
• Provisions for Maintenance of Effort
• Administrative Costs Maximum of 1%
• Funds Must Stay Local and Only Be Spent on Transportation
• Sunset Date 2042

The Stanislaus Council of Governments will appoint a citizens oversight committee representing each of the constitutive jurisdictions to ensure that the revenues received from Measure L are used according to provisions of the Measure L ordinance ( http://www.stanislaus-localroadsfirst.com/uploads/5/4/7/5/54754127/ordinance.pdf ).

In addition to the Measure L Oversight Committee, the City of Modesto approved the creation of a Citizens’ Transportation Sales Tax Commission which will consist of eleven members appointed by the City Council by resolution. This Commission will provide oversight and recommendations regarding the use of Measure L funds.

There will also be an annual audit by an independent audit firm to ensure that the provisions and restrictions of Measure L are being adhered to.

Links to oversight reports and information will be available online.

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7. What oversight will be put in place?