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Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) Application for Evaluation

  1. Primary Contact Information

    The neighborhood will have one point of contact, a person that will communicate with the City regarding the application.   This contact person will fill out this section with their information.

  2. Location and Concerns Section

    The name of the street and the limits will be written in this section.  For example, 10th Street from J Street to K Street is an example if the City of Modesto were making the request. 

    Please note that only local and minor collector roads qualify for this program.  Road classification can be found in the City’s General Plan, which is available on the City’s website, in Figure V-1 Circulation Diagram. 

    The NTCP focuses on addressing concerns related to speeding, cut-through traffic, and traffic calming only.  Any other requests are handled through GO MODESTO, not the NTCP.   Applications not related to traffic calming will not be accepted into the NTCP.

  3. Concern (select all that apply)
  4. Neighborhood Support Section

    To be approved for traffic calming, you must obtain signatures from at least 60 percent of the households within the block where traffic calming evaluation is being requested.  For example, if there are 20 households in the block, at least 12 signatures from different households must be collected.  Please use the attached sheet to collect signatures.

  5. Applications can also be submitted                        

    By Emailing LDE
    Subject:  Traffic Calming Application.  


    By mailing 
    City of Modesto
    Transportation Engineering & Design Division
    1010 10th Street
    Modesto, CA  95354

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