How to Use Bike Lanes

The City of Modesto is dedicated to expanding the bicycle lane network with each rehabilitation project that we do. This means if a street receives an overlay, slurry seal or is reconstructed that segment of roadway will be enhanced with some type of bike lane feature. Many of these new additions are illustrated below, each graphic will provide information on how to properly use the new bike lane features that are now appearing at various locations around Modesto.

Types of Bike Lanes

  1. Buffered Bike Lane

    Buffered Bike Lane

    Buffered bike lanes are conventional bicycle lanes paired with a designated buffer space separating the bicycle lane from the adjacent motor vehicle travel lane.

  2. Combined Lane

    Combined Lane

    Drivers are allowed to cross dashed white lines and enter combined bike/right turn lane.

  3. Dashed Green Lane

    Dashed Green Lane

    Colored pavement within a bicycle lane increases the visibility of the cyclist.

  4. Sharrow (Shared Lane)

    Sharrow (Shared Lane)

    Sharrows are used to guide bicyclist on streets that do not have bike lanes.

  5. Through Bike Lane

    Through Bike Lane

    Drivers can cross over dashed white lines to enter right turn pockets.