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1. How much will my deposit be?
2. When will my Utility Bill become delinquent?
3. Do I need Garbage service?
4. When will I receive a Delinquent notice?
5. How do I dispute my bill?
6. How much is a Return Check fee?
7. When will I receive my Final Closing Bill?
8. Who is my Garbage Company?
9. What do I do if my service has been disconnected?
10. When can I expect my service to be restored after making my payment?
11. Who do I contact for a Bulky Item Pick Up?
12. What is my billing service period?
13. If I get disconnected for non-payment does that stop my billing?
14. How do I terminate and close my Utility account?
15. How do I sign-up for eBilling?
16. How do I sign-up for Auto Pay?
17. How do I cancel Auto Pay?