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Property Management Contract

  1. Submission Instructions
    The City of Modesto requires all Property Management companies requesting utility service to complete a Property Management Contract. A security deposit may be required prior to activation of service in accordance with MMC 11-6.02. All requests will be processed within 48 hours from the time of receipt. Please print and submit your contract along with all required documents by fax to 209-491-5920.
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  3. Please enter one of the following: Driver's License Number, or Tax ID Number.
  4. We, the above listed property management company, do hereby agree that in signing this document we are requesting the City of Modesto to place the utility services in our name (water, sewer, storm drain and garbage) until we request in writing that services be terminated. We understand we are responsible for payment of the services each month. If the final bill is left unpaid, it is understood we will not be allowed to have any new accounts set up until all past due balances are paid in full.
  5. Property Vacancy - Garbage Service
    Please note that if box is not marked, customer assumes responsibility for all services billed. If the property is found to be occupied, garbage billing will be reactivated and may be billed retroactively for all charges.
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