Will this plan address rent control?

Rent control is a statewide issue. A new California law limits rent increases to no more than five percent (5%) plus the local rate of inflation per year.  All landlords in California are subject to this law, although buildings constructed in the last 15 years are exempt from rent control.

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1. What will the Housing Plan do?
2. How can I participate in the public engagement process for the Housing Plan?
3. What is the difference between the Housing Plan and the Housing Element?
4. Will this plan address rent control?
5. What is the timeline for the Housing Plan?
6. Will the Housing Plan include community input?
7. How will the City ensure that input is provided by minorities and economically disadvantaged groups, to ensure the plan addresses housing needs for all?
8. What will the City do with my input/comments?
9. Who is the project team working on the Housing Plan? How is the work being funded?
10. How long will it take to see results from the Housing Plan?