What is the difference between the Housing Plan and the Housing Element?

The Housing Plan is a detailed approach to identifying more sites where housing can be built in Modesto, identifying more types of housing that can be built here, and recommending zoning and policies to deliver more housing.

The Housing Element is a state-mandated part of the General Plan that contains certain required information and analyses.  As part of the Housing Element, existing places where housing can be built are identified and policies to assist the development of housing at various price points are identified. 

The Housing Plan will identify NEW places to build housing and NEW policies to support the development of new housing.  This information will be included in the Housing Element and in the larger General Plan.  The Housing Plan may result in amendments to the General Plan land use map and policies and in changes to the zoning code.

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1. What will the Housing Plan do?
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3. What is the difference between the Housing Plan and the Housing Element?
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7. How will the City ensure that input is provided by minorities and economically disadvantaged groups, to ensure the plan addresses housing needs for all?
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