Can I apply for just one part of the program?

Yes. When submitting your application you will have the opportunity to choose which components of the program you are requesting to participate in.

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1. When will I be able to apply for Small Business Assistance Program benefits?
2. Are any Small Business Assistance Program benefits automatic or do I need to apply for each one?
3. Can I apply for just one part of the program?
4. Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance with my application?
5. Can my business apply to both Modesto's Small Business Assistance Program and also to Stanislaus County's Small Business Relief Program?
6. Can my business apply for Modesto Small Business Assistance Program benefits and Federal financial assistance such as through the Small Business Administration?
7. Do I need to be current on my Business License and Utility accounts to be eligible for program benefits?
8. When will I be notified that my application has been approved or denied?
9. Do businesses have to report the March quarter if they are applying for the deferral?
10. Can home based businesses apply for the Business License Tax deferral?
11. Who is eligible for the Small Business Assistance Utility Bill deferral?
12. How do I apply for the Utility Billing Assistance Program?