Proposed Vintage Project


The Vintage project is a proposal for a new development on 45 acres north of Vintage Faire Mall that would include 170 single-family residential lots, a 6-acre site for future development of multi-family residential uses, and two General Commercial lots of 2.6 acres and 6.45 acres respectively. The project involves rezoning the site to accommodate Low Density Residential (R-1) Zone development, Medium-High Density Residential (R-3) Zone development, and General Commercial (C-2) Zone development, as well as division of the site to accommodate those uses.


The site is a vacant 45-acre parcel north of Vintage Faire Mall, bordered by Dale Road to the east, Blue Bird Drive to the west, and Vintage Faire Mall to the south. Single-family residential land uses are located to the north.


The Planning Commission for the City of Modesto will consider the project at the October 19, 2015 hearing.