Microenterprise Family Child Care Network

Microenterprise Incubators

The FCCH component of the Microenterprise Incubator is designed to fill gaps that exist for low-income persons seeking to provide quality child care as a home business, while helping to address the high demand for and low supply of quality child care in West Modesto. The Stanislaus County Office of Education will provide technical assistance to help train potential FCCH providers in childhood development and child care.

Modesto City Schools will set aside Early Head Start vouchers to subsidize child care for eligible families. The Microenterprise Incubator will provide the financial assistance necessary to start-up an FCCH business. In addition to starting-up these microenterprises and thereby A) creating economic opportunity and B) increasing the low supply of quality child care providers in West Modesto, this project will also C) increase the available slots of affordable and high-quality child care for low-income families.

In lieu of repayment of this CDBG financial assistance provided through the West Modesto King Kennedy Collaborative, the FCCH providers will enter into a service agreement with the Collaborative to provide units of service equivalent to the financial assistance received, thereby creating more child care slots for West Modesto children. That is, microenterprises that will have been started-up with CDBG funds will be expected to give back to West Modesto by providing quality child care at a sliding scale to low-income families - in lieu of repaying the financial assistance provided with CDBG.