Waste Tire Recycling

What We Do

The City of Modesto is very proactive when it comes to closing the loop on recycling. The City has applied cape seals to several streets throughout the community using rubberized asphalt, a product made from recycled waste tires. Rubberized asphalt provides for long lasting road protection.  

Why Recycle Tires

Waste tires that are stockpiled in backyards and garages provide natural breeding grounds for insects, rodents and disease carrying mosquitoes. They also create a fire hazard which results in real danger to residents and rescue workers. Don't let waste tires pile up, please dispose of them properly.

Rubber Sidewalk Tiles

Another product made from recycled waste tires is rubber sidewalk tiles! Rubber sidewalk tiles are made from 100% waste tires. The tiles are tree friendly and knee friendly! The City of Modesto has installed rubber sidewalk tiles on Plaza Parkway, Kansas and Emerald Avenues, Dale Road and Veneman Avenue, Jennie Street and a few other sites.

Ground Cover

Modesto has also used recycled tires for pour-in-place ground cover at Creekwood Park, Beard Brook Park, Graceada Park, Chrysler Park, Freedom Park, Sanders Park and George A. Rogers Park. Waste tires are ground into small pieces and mixed with other products to form a soft layer to protect children as they play on various playground equipment. The ground cover also provides a surface acceptable for ADA requirements.