City Auditor's Office


The Modesto City Auditor’s Office (MCAO) endeavors to provide independent, objective assurance and advisory services designed to restore the public trust to a level that would make Modesto a model city.  We resolve to use our knowledge, experience, and resources to assist the City and its employees in accomplishing their duties. 


The City Council, City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney, department heads and agency directors are collectively responsible for the effective and efficient administration of the City of Modesto. This responsibility encompasses the requirements for sound financial management, adequate reporting, maintaining an effective system of internal controls, compliance with applicable rules and regulations, and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. Together they are responsible for attaining the City’s missions. To aid in fulfilling these responsibilities, the Office of the City Auditor has been established and will be managed by the City Auditor.  

The Modesto City Auditor’s Office supports the continuous improvement of programs, policies, and initiatives at the City and contributes to the achievement of departmental objectives by providing timely and objective information, assurance, and advice to the City Council, Mayor, Charter Officers, Department Directors and Division Managers.


The Modesto City Auditor’s Office is enabled to complete its mission and carry out its purpose by Modesto City Charter Article IX Section 902.1; Modesto Municipal Code, Title 2, Chapter 3, Article 3; the California Government Code Section 1236 and 53087.6; the US Government Accountability Office's (GAO) Yellow Book Section 3.3; and the IIA Standards on Independence.