2nd Chance Week

The 2nd Chance Week Event is a nationwide event that promotes the reuse of old items. Communities often host special collection events of useful items for non-profit agencies, organize citywide yard sales, or highlight existing reuse opportunities in their area.

3 Steps

You have all heard it before - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It is more than a slogan. It lists the order of importance and effectiveness in the steps of waste reduction.

Reducing the amount of waste we generate in the first place is the best and most important step. Finding ways to Reuse the waste we have already generated is the next level of importance in waste reduction. And finally, Recycling as much as possible with the leftovers helps reduce the amount of waste going to our nation’s landfills.


With these steps in mind, please consider giving your old items a new life by donating or consigning them with a local charity or consignment shop. Why? Because one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure! Contact us for more information regarding local charities and consignment shops  that accept donated items.