Ballot Measures

Ballot Box IconBallot Measures - 2022 City of Modesto Municipal Election

On June 28, 2022, the City Council placed two measures on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

MeasureMeasure Description or QuestionIssue
Measure To promote efficiency, transparency, and modernization of City government, shall the Charter of the City of Modesto be amended to increase and clarify the powers and duties of the City Auditor, create a permanent audit committee, change the timing of the mayoral election to coincide with the statewide primary and general election, adjust the timeline for preparation and adoption of the annual budget, and make several other minor changes?
Charter Amendment Measure
Measure To fund general city services in the City of Modesto, such as police patrols, gang, drug, and crime prevention; fire protection, paramedic/911 emergency response; addressing homelessness; cleaning-up trash and illegal dumping; keeping streets, parks, sidewalks, landscapes and infrastructure safe, clean, and well-maintained, shall an ordinance establishing a one-cent sales tax be adopted, providing $39,000,000 annually for general government use in Modesto until ended by voters, with citizen oversight and all money locally controlled?
Ballot Measure Information (PDF)
Sales Tax Measure  

Notice: Arguments For and Against Deadlines

For or Against City Measures may be Submitted to the City Clerk (PDF Notice)

Due Dates

  • Direct Arguments due on July 12, 2022
  • Rebuttal Arguments due on July 22, 2022