Black Can / Garbage & Trash

The City of Modesto uses a "Two Can" garbage program. The black can is for household garbage and non-organic materials such as plastic packaging, diapers, animal waste, etc. The material is sent to a Waste-to-Energy facility and is burned to make electricity.

The Black Can "Cans"

  • Animal waste or litter box debris
  • Bottles and cans: Please recycle CRV bottles and cans at a local buy-back center
  • Diapers
  • Flocked or treated holiday trees
  • Household garbage or trash
  • Plastic bags or packaging
  • Polystyrene items
  • Wood or lumber (small pieces only)

The Black Can "Cant's"

  • Dirt, rocks, concrete or asphalt
  • Furniture or large items
  • Garbage cans over 100 lbs.
  • Hazardous, toxic or e-waste
  • Overfull cans - lids must be completely closed
  • Yard waste of any kind

Collection Day

Residents must place their garbage cans out by 6 a.m. on their collection day. Ensure that your cans are collected quickly by following these tips:

  • Cans must be placed at least three feet from any obstruction such as mailboxes, cars, poles, etc. Please leave at least one foot of space between the cans.
  • Cans will be serviced on the same day, but not necessarily at the same time.
  • The lids must be closed. No excess garbage will be collected without prior arrangements with your service provider.
  • Neither can may exceed 100 pounds.
  • Place cans on the asphalt portions of the street, next to the curb. Do not block the sidewalk. If you have alley pickup, put both cans in the alley.
  • Place cans with the handle toward your home.

For more information on garbage or recycling programs, contact the Solid Waste Division at 209-577-5494 or by using our online Contact Us form.

Acceptable Placement

Acceptable Placement of Garbage Cans

Unacceptable Placement

Unacceptable Placement of Garbage Cans