Riverside Park Playground Renovation

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Riverside Park Playground Design Vote

  1. Concept 1

    Nothing like a new playground to elevate your park experience! Unique features of this playground design include multiple spinner elements, big kid swings and a tall net climber. This playground will have you coming back for more fun! 

  2. Concept 2

    This vibrant colored playground will have you swinging for joy! Unique features of this design are the sit-down track zipline and a vertical  climbing wall that connects the two structures. This playground also features toddler swings, rocking spring riders, multiple slides, and a whole lot of fun. 

    • What do you like about the design? 
    • What don't you like about the design? 
    • What would you like to see changed? 
    • Any other feedback or ideas?
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Project Status and Updates

This playground project is currently in design phase and in need of public input. Construction activity is anticipated to begin in Spring 2024. The playground is currently open for public use. 

Project Information

With voter approved Measure H, the City is renovating various amenities in our park system. The various Playground Renovation Projects will remove existing playground sand and playground equipment, installation of new drainage improvements, playground equipment, concrete ADA ramps and playground wood chips.

Recreational Benefits

  • New Playground Equipment
  • New Concrete ADA Ramp

Funding Source

Public Input

Cast your vote and provide comments by December 8th on your preferred playground design.