The Tuolumne River Regional Park (TRRP) is a wonderful natural resource with an abundance of recreational and economic benefits for the entire region. The Tuolumne River is the largest tributary of the San Joaquin River; this significant natural resource supports a diverse biological community including migratory birds, chinook salmon, river otters, kit fox, beaver, and much more. The Tuolumne River also holds great cultural significance due to its historical uses, flooding, and rich fertile soils along the riverbanks. The river has contributed to the growth and success of the local economy. Despite the river’s significance, most citizens are not aware of its presence due to the lack of access to the river and the park.  

The first modern recreational vision of the TRRP, first envisioned in the 1967, was to connect citizens with the river through diverse recreational opportunities that are compatible with the river’s natural resources and processes, protect and develop resources to foster a sense of pride for the citizens of Stanislaus County.  In the years to come, the completion of the TRRP will capture the region's diverse people, cultures, and recreational needs; a place to be enjoyed by all persons for generations to come.  

The TRRP Master Plan Update will continue to reinforce the overall vision of the TRRP. This will be achieved by focusing resources on providing different amenities and flexible programming year-round to complement community needs while accommodating the river’s natural processes. TRRP development will continue by offering welcoming amenities for community celebrations and social interaction, as well as a place for people to commune with nature and find respite from bustling urban life.  

A major component of the Master Plan Update is to ensure the long-term success of the TRRP, including enhancement of sustainable maintenance and operation strategies. The Master Plan Update will build upon existing amenities, refine proposed programming to fit current community needs, and outline a systematic approach for long term maintenance and operation of the TRRP.