Future Modesto


Modesto has a special history and a bright future, with a treasured small–town feel. 

Unfortunately, today as a small town we are experiencing some big city problems like homelessness, blight, and criminal activity. But, we don’t receive enough funds from the State to tackle these big city problems.

In fact, the State still funds us like a rural community—so we don’t get the same state funding as other cities our size. 

Improving Services for Modesto's Future

Addressing homelessness and keeping our City safe, clean and well-maintained is our top priority, which will help improve property values and quality of life.

The City of Modesto has about half of the police officers, including traffic enforcement, needed to keep a community of our size safe. Meanwhile, the number of DUIs and traffic fatalities continue to grow. Additional funding is needed to provide more police officers, firefighters, and paramedics to respond quickly to emergencies.

If we do not address these issues now, they will become even more expensive in the future.

Maintaining the City We Love

Currently, the City is considering a local funding ballot measure that would provide $39 million annually in locally controlled funding, through a one-cent local sales tax, to support city services, including:

  • Address homelessness
  • Provide quick responses to 911 emergencies, including DUIs, gang, and drug-related crimes
  • Support neighborhood police patrols, crime prevention, fire protection, and paramedics
  • Fix and maintain roads and sidewalks
  • Keep parks, recreation facilities and public areas safe and clear of trash and litter

Local Measure Under Local Control

  • All money raised by the measure will be used to fund community services and facilities in Modesto
  • By law, no funds can be taken away by the State or County
  • Community oversight will help ensure all funds are spent appropriately
  • Essential purchases such as food and prescription medicine are exempt from sales tax

We want to Hear from You

We invite you to complete our survey to further help us learn more about the community’s priorities as we explore a potential sales tax measure.

Community Survey