Draft Maps to Review


There are three draft maps release by the commission for community review and input: Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.  View the Community of Interest (COI) to Draft Map Presentation (English PDF) or Presentacion en Español (PDF) for more information. 

Each plan has an overview, data table, individual district pages and web map that has been provided to the district and is available on the city redistricting website. Explore the tabs below for the details for each of the draft maps.

What's Next?

At the next public hearing, we can make use of these mapping options in a number of ways. 

  1. Identify preferred plan(s) with an understanding that none of these are final plans. It is an iterative process. 
  2. Suggest possible changes –adjustments can be made to any of the draft plans. 
  3. Provide direction for the preparation of new draft map(s) to be put out for public input and future review and adoption. 
  4. Consider new draft maps at a public hearing scheduled for the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Draft Maps

  1. Draft Map A Overview
  2. Draft Map B Overview
  3. Draft Map C Overview

The Draft Map A was created based on minimal changes below from the current lines:

  • Changed to decrease total deviation.

City of Modesto Draft Plan A with Current Lines (Printable PDF) 

Proposed Boundaries

Current Boundaries