SWiM - Swim with Me 

The City of Modesto is currently planning for modified in-person Summer swim lessons. Lesson instruction will occur from the pool and/or pool deck by a certified instructor. Course schedule is subject to change. If the class you wish to register for is full, we highly recommend placing the swimmer on our waitlist.

Effective July 1, 2021 the following fees will be charged for any withdrawal or transfer from this course. Withdrawal fee: $8 Transfer fee: $7. Withdrawals or transfers after course begins will not be permitted.

Face coverings are required in the aquatic facility by anyone over the age of two. 

Note: If you are registering your swimmer for a class and their age falls outside of the parameters, please call Customer Service for assistance.

SWiM- Swim With Me

Requirements Include

  • Swim diapers are required for participants not potty trained.
  • In-water parent participation is required for this course.
  •  As required by the current health order, one adult must accompany each child in the water for the lesson for the following lessons:

SWiM Tot: Water Exploration (1 to 4 years) 

Class is designed to help develop swimming readiness by leading parents and their children in water exploration activities with the objectives of having fun and being comfortable in, on and around the water. Skills include: water entry, holding position, bubble blowing, supported front and back kicking, floats, glides, arm movements and under water exploration. 


  • There are no prerequisites for water exploration. 

SWiM Pre-k: Water Acclimation (3 to 5 years)  

The preschool aquatics program is the next step up from Adult and Child class; designed to teach fundamental water safety and aquatic skills to beginners. This beginning swim class will emphasize on water adjustment to help young swimmers enjoy using the pool and learn to feel comfortable in, on and around the water on their own with a parent. Preschool Swim Lessons will lay the foundation needed for young swimmers to progress through the City of Modesto Learn-to-Swim program as they get older and more experienced. 


  • There are no prerequisites for Preschool Aquatics. 

SWiM 1: Introduction to Swimming Skills (4 to 6 years) 

This course continues to orient children to the aquatic environment and teaches them elementary swimming skills that will be built upon as they progress through the City of Modesto Learn-to-Swim program. Level 1 teaches breath control, supported floating, kicking on front and back and alternating arm action. 


  • Comfortable putting face in the water and able to follow group instructions OR completion of preschool aquatic class.

SWiM 2- Fundamental Swimming Skills (6 to 10 years) 

Students will learn to demonstrate rhythmic breathing, front and back glides, rolling over from front to back, combined front and back strokes (without support), and introduction to elementary backstroke. Students will also learn to jump into chest deep water. 


  • Successful completion of Level 1; comfortable floating on front and back
  • Swim on front and back for a minimum of 5 feet with support.