Roosevelt Park Project

Project Status and Updates

This project is currently in the Construction phase. Construction activity at Roosevelt Neighborhood Park is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2020. Roosevelt Park is open daily for public use and enjoyment.

Project Information and Background

This is a State of California Water Resources Control Board and City of Modesto Utilities Department funded project. The project, being constructed at Roosevelt Neighborhood Park, will significantly reduce local street flooding, improve water quality, and provide for ground water recharge. Additionally, construction activity will bring positive impacts to Roosevelt Neighborhood Park for outdoor recreational benefits.

Funding Source

  • State of California Water Resources Control Board
  • Local Waterwater Funds

Project Background

Portions of the City of Modesto’s storm runoff are diverted into the sanitary sewer system through what are known as cross connections. In most cases, a cross connection pipe from a surface drain or a rockwell, directly drains storm/rain water to the sewer system. During heavy storm/rain events these cross connections overload the sewer system. This  can lead to sanitary sewer overflows (SSO’s) and increased operating costs. The 2007 City of Modesto Waste Water Master Plan (WWMP) proposed to remove the cross connections due to this increased burden and cost. The first project completed several years ago was at Garrison Neighborhood Park. Roosevelt Neighborhood Park (Area 2) is the second project scheduled to be completed.